How large are the round tables?

We have 5’ tables for seating of up to 8, and 6’ tables for seating up to 10.

What size tablecloth is needed for the 5’ and 6’ round tables?

It depends on how much you want hanging over the edge. For the 5′ table, 108″ gives a 24″ drop. For the 6′ table, 120″ gives a 24″ drop.

What size are the rectangle tables?

We have two sizes of rectangle tables available: 6’ and 8’ (usually used as serving tables).

What size tablecloths are used for these rectangular tables?

Both the 6’ and 8′ tables use 54″ x 108″ to get a 15” drop front and back.

Can we use tacks, staples, scotch tape, duct tape, etc. to hang decorations?

NO. Only non-residue tape like masking or painter tape can be used, as others mark the walls and ceilings.

What utensils can we use in the kitchen?

NONE. You must bring in your own, including the cake knife (most commonly forgotten).

Where are the sound systems located?

They are behind the bars, so as to keep to a minimum handlers who may mess with your playlists.

Where is the handicap entry?

It is right off the rear parking lot, with a ramp leading to the glass entry door at the lower hall entry.

Where is the handicap lift located?

The lift is right inside the lower hall entry door and goes between the lower and upper halls.

Can the lift hold an electric wheelchair?

Yes, it can hold the chair, a passenger, and an escort.

Where is the handicap bathroom?

It is located in the lower hall, right beside the lift location by the entry door to the hall.

What beverages can we bring into the hall?

NO beverages (with the exception of coffee and tea) are allowed to be brought into the hall. All other beverages must be purchased at the bar. This includes water, juice, and soda, all of which are sold at the bar.

How do we pay for drinks at the bar?

We accept credit cards at both bar locations, as well as cash payments.

Can we run tabs at the bar for drinks?

YES. This is the preferred way to pay for your beverage tab.

Do you have an ATM on location?

NO, we do not. If you must use an ATM, there is one located at Cumberland Farms, at the intersection of Rt.106 and 27 (approximately one mile away).

Do we have to do our own cleanup?

NO. You can arrange with the hall manager to have it done for a minimum fee of $75.

When do I get my security deposit returned?

Normally it will arrive in the mail within a week. If the renter is not the person paying the deposit, the hall manager must be made aware of this so the check can be mailed to the proper person and address.